Graduate and Medical Students

NameYearsCurrent Position, Employer
Manuel Rodriguez1994-1999Vice President, Market Analysis and Strategy, Genentech
Michael Koehler1994-1999Senior Scientist, Genentech
Elizabeth Stebbins1995-2001Scientist, Johnson & Johnson
Stefan Siwko1998-2005Research Scientist, Texas A&M Health Science Center
Leon Chen1998-2002Venture Partner, OrbiMed Advisors
Rebecca Begley2000-2004Clinical Pharmacologist, Gilead Sciences
Christopher Murriel2000-2006Associate Director, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals
Rachel Bright2001-2005Director, Alliance Management and Business Development, GRAIL, Inc.
Viktoria Kheifits2001-2006Director of Functional Biology, Alkahest, Inc.
Relly Brandman2002-2006Product Manager, Google
Lihan Sun2005-2011Portfolio Analyst, Marshall Wace
Niccolo Betti2006Head of QA Packaging, Release and Distribution, GSK
Federico Corti2006Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale School of Medicine
Natalia Berry2006-2007Interventional Cardiologist, Associate Program Director, Interventional Cardiology Fellowship, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Julio Cesar Ferreira2007-2009Assistant Professor, University of Sao Paolo
Gordon Powers2010-2011MD student, Stanford University School of Medicine
Anna Cunningham2012-2017Computational Biologist, Driver
Opher Kornfeld2013-2018Senior Scientific Researcher, Genentech
Julie Saiki2015-2018Associate, McKinsey & Company
Andrew Raub2015-2019Scientist I at Exelixis
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Postdoctoral Fellows

NameYearsCurrent Position, Employer
Simon Pitchford, Ph.D.1989-1991Chief Operating Officer, Homebridge, Inc.
Marie-Helene Disatnik, Ph.D.1991-1994Senior Scientist, Chemical and Systems Biology
Dorit Ron, Ph.D.1991-1995Professor in Residence, Neurobiology, UCSF
Bradley Smith, Ph.D.1991-1995Vice President, Drug Development Partnerships, Novaquest, Quintiles Transnational
John A. Johnson, Ph.D.1992-1998Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Augusta University
Clifford Chin, M.D.1993-1994Co-Director, Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy, Cincinnati Children’s
Mary O. Gray, M.D.1993-1996Assistant Professor of Medicine in Residence, Lung Biology Center, UCSF
Michael Csukai, Ph.D.1994-1998Senior Technical Expert, New Technologies, Syngenta
Yuefeng Liu, Ph.D.1997-1998Scientist, Pan Pacific Pharmaceuticals
Martin Braun, M.D.1997-1998Physician, Cardiology, University of Heidelberg
Katrina Mackay, Ph.D.1996-1999Scientist, Biociences, Zeneca
Felix Lee, M.D.1999-2001Cardiologist, Heart Associates of Northern California
Hagit Peleg, M.D.1999-2001Physician, Hadasa Medical School
Deborah Schechtman, Ph.D.1999-2004Visiting Researcher, Yale School of Medicine
Hanita Khaner, Ph.D.2000-2001Associate Researcher, Hadassah University Hospital
Koichi Inagaki, Ph.D.2000-2006Cardiologist, Otsu Red-Cross Hospital
Alice Vallentin, Ph.D.2002-2007Researcher, Université de Montpellier
Tomoyoshi Koyanagi, Ph.D.2002-2007Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Jeewon Kim, Ph.D.2004-2008LSRA, Transgenic Service Center, Stanford University
Eric Churchill, Ph.D.2005-2008Associate Director - Global Training Lead, Takeda Oncology
Xin Qi, Ph.D.2005-2011Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University
Jianbo Dong, Ph.D.2006-2007Staff Scientist, UCSF
Stephanie Torreilles, DVM2006-2010Consultant Veterinarian, Diplomate ACLAM
Grant Budas, Ph.D.2006-2010Senior Research Scientist, Gilead Sciences
Suresh Palanyandi, Ph.D.2006-2011Senior Staff Investigator, Henry Ford Health System
Nir Qvit, Ph.D.2008-2012Assistant Professor, Bar-Ilan University
Eric R. Gross, M.D., Ph.D.2009-2012Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford
Gouri Yogalingam, Ph.D.2009-2012Senior Scientist, BioMarin
Danilo Medinas, Ph.D.2010-2011Senior Researcher, University of Chile
Julio Cesar Ferreira, Ph.D.2010-2012Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy - University of São Paulo
Leslie Cruz, Ph.D.2011-2013Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Natera
Sathish Manickam, Ph.D.2011-2013Unavailable
Inbal Maayan Haimovich, Ph.D.2011-2014<Research Associate and Lab Manager, Stanford University
Andrey Malkovskiy, Ph.D.2011-2015Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
Sunhee Hwang, Ph.D.2012-2017Senior Research Scientist, Genentech
Vanessa Olzon Zambelli, Ph.D.2013Research Scientist, Laboratory of Pain and Signaling, Butantan Institute
Lauren Van Wassenhove, Ph.D.2013-2017Unavailable
Luiz Bechara, Ph.D.2015-2016Postdoctoral Fellow, University of São Paulo
Justen Manasa, Ph.D.2016Assistant Professor, University of Zimbabwe
Ya-Ting Tu, Ph.D.2016-2017Unavailable
Sunhee Hwang2012-2017Senior Scientific Researcher, Genentech
Matthew Stevens2017-2019Patent Agent at Cooley LLP
Amit Joshi2014-2019Scientist at Dorian Therapeutics
Bereketeab Haileselassie2016-2020Instructor, Pediatrics - Critical Care, Stanford Children's Health
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Undergraduate Students

NameCurrent Position, Employer
Audrey TorrestUC Davis
Jeremy BaryzaSenior Director, Chemical Biology, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Miriam SouroujonDean of Research, Open University of Israel
Shonan Sho-FellowSurgeon, UCLA Med School
Leo LinMD/PhD Candidate, UC San Diego
Daniel ChengThomas Jefferson Medical School
Florence HsiaoApplying for MD schools
Alice ZhangCEO & Co-Founder, Verge Genomics
Rebecca ChenResident Physician, MetroHealth
July LeeResident Physician, La Jolla, CA
Aishwarya NeneMPhil Candidate, University of Cambridge
Joseph ChenScientist 1, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Nicolai Ostberg2017-2019
Sin-Jin LiVisiting student from Taiwan
Carly Tompkins2019-2021, Graduate Student UT Health Science Center SA, SPARK Scholar at Stanford
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